WP1 | Inventory and characterization of the initial feedstocks

WP1 will undertake an inventory of the initial feedstocks ad characterise them. This will map their availability and provide a review of the state-of-the art of existing processing technologies and commercial products. It will also determine likely technical and regulatory specifications of the final extracts, their molecular characteristics and safety

WP2 | Flexible and scalable protocols for feedstock pre-treatment and extraction of the fractions of interest

WP2 will use the results obtained in WP1 to set up flexible and scalable extraction protocols for proteins and other bioactive compounds. This will involve improving protein stability and availability for extraction through pre-treatment, recovering and fractionating the protein content of the raw materials and recovering remaining valuable compounds post-protein extraction

WP3 | Conversion of fractions and first steps of extracts valorisation

WP3 will establish procedures for converting the extracts from biomass streams from WP2 into valuable ingredients and components tailored for their target final applications in food and cosmetic packaging

WP4 | Evaluation and selection of the best performing isolated fractions according to foreseen applications

WP4 will assess the safety of the final extracted/converted fractions for safety compliance. It will also assess their biochemical and functional characteristics and properties to identify the most promising fractions for the chosen applications

WP5 | Industrial scale up of the processes and final product prototyping

WP5 will see the scale up of the pre-treatment, fractionation, bio-chemical modification processes as well as product purification and the formulation of previously selected bioactive fractions. It will oversee the technology transfer of novel food and non-food uses and quality and safety assessments of the final products. It will develop food, cosmetic, packaging and feed product prototypes using the most promising new extracted/converted fractions as ingredients/additives using the inputs from WP2, WP3 and WP4

WP6 | Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA)

WP6 will measure the financial and environmental benefits, costs and burdens of the new Prolific bio-based products from a life cycle perspective. The project will apply lifecycle assessment (LCA) and cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) from an early stage of technology development. This approach is designed to help improve the financial and environmental performance of the new products by identifying where in the process the main environmental impacts are and optimising those aspects. Specific Prolific bio-based products will undergo an LCA comparison against their conventional competitors. The Work Package will produce a final report presenting LCA and CEA results

WP7 | Dissemination, exploitation and commercialisation

WP7 will address dissemination and communication activities. These will be designed to increase the visibility of the Prolific project and the technologies and products it develops. It will create a roadmap for exploiting the commercial and business opportunities offered by the technology, while addressing IPR issues and conditions. It will also monitor, assess and evaluate all dissemination and communication activities performed and adjust action plan accordingly

WP8 | Project coordination and management

WP8 is devoted to project coordination and management. It will define the management structure, manage potential conflicts and provide effective communication between the project and the BBI-JU. It will ensure that the project meets all deliverables on time and on budget according to the grant agreement

WP9 | Ethics requirements

WP9 will ensure that the Prolific project complies with the necessary ethics requirements.

This project has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 790157.

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