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Cosmetic product prototypes

Anti-microbial toothpaste

We developed an innovative vegan chitosan toothpaste that can keep the tooth enamel healthy by preventing demineralisation of calcium.

Initial tests confirmed the antimicrobial properties of the extracts derived from fungi. A toothpaste formulation containing low percentages of the extract were developed.

The chitosan toothpaste was produced at pilot scale and samples were given for efficacy and sensorial testing. 90% of people liked the taste and stated that it freshened their breath.

PROLIFIC Extracts used:

Chitosan extracted from Pleurotus ostreatus by hot alkaline extraction.

Developed by:  COSM

Cream with antioxidant or whitening activity

A comprehensive screening of PROLIFIC extracts had identified two phenolic extracts with promising antioxidant or whitening activity.

Their applicability in cream formulation was further investigated in prototype production using different concentrations.

At higher polyphenols concentrations there was a discolouration in the stability test. This is a common phenomenon with many antioxidant additives in cosmetics. Further work needs to be performed to stabilise the cream prototype and protect the antioxidant properties of the polyphenols.




PROLIFIC Extracts used:

Phenolic-rich fraction extracted from coffee grean beans by SWE

Phenolic compounds and peptides containing extracts derived from coffee silverskin by UAE


Developed by:  COSM

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