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Value chains from agro-industrial side-streams

11 October 2022, Bologna

Final dissemination event with project highlight on valorising agro-industrial by-products

Science is Wonderful!2020

22-24 September 2020. online event

Bio-based solutions for agro-waste's second life. Visit us at a huge virtual science exhibition.

Agro-industrial side stream valorisation

2 June 2022, Bruges, Belgium

Joint eventof BBI-JU funded projects

BBI-JU Stakeholder Forum

3-4 December 2019, Brussels

Showcasing first prototypes together with 60 other BBI-JU projects

Summer School on Food Sustainability

3 June - 2 July

An online summer school fully dedicated to sustainable food production and consumption

Food packaging workshop

11-12 September 2019, Trieste, IT

Lively discussions on prospects for bio-based foodpackaging at our first public workshop

Project material

Food prototypes

Read about our planned and initial food prototypes

Newsletter Issue 1

October 2020

A first collection of project results

Project brochure

PROLIFIC in a nutshell - take a look at our project brochure

Project logo

PROLIFIC logo in PNG format (transparent background)

Project material
Journal Papers


Paper on coffee green beans proteins

September 2022

How to preserve protein integrity during ultrasound- or microwave assisted extraction.

Utilisation routes for coffee by-products

June 2021

Monomers, Materials and Energy from Coffee By-Products: A Review

Functional compounds from coffee by-products

October 2021

Enzyme assisted extraction yields phenolic and protein extracts with bio-activity

Protein hydrolysis with immobilized enzymes

December 2020

Insights into the molecular digestion mechanism of immobilised enzymes

Proteins from legumes by-products

July 2021

Mild extraction methods help pertaining high nutritional value of proteins

Use of coffee silverskin in biocomposites

October 2020

Read how we managed to use this coffee roasting sidestream in thermoplastic biocomposites

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