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Value chains from agro-industrial

11 October 2022
Aula Giorgio Prodi
Piazza San Giovanni in Monte 2 Bologna

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Join our final PROLIFIC dissemination event at which we will highlight the most promising exploitation routes for extracts from legumes, coffee residues and fungi.

We will put our findings into the wider context of circular bio-based economies and in particular the potential for regions in Italy. Success stories from other projects and initiatives will trigger discussion on next steps and supportive actions.


The programme can be downloaded here.

Workshop Programme


F. Faba

The role of BBI JU and CBE JU in the implementation of Circular BioEconomy in Europe

A. Tassoni

PROLIFIC project overview

U. Lehrack

High-protein cereal-based food products from low-value agro-industrial side-streams

S. Verstringe

Coffee green bean fractions as functional feed ingredients

F. Pascale

Social Innovation Food

A. Dossena

Emilia-Romagna Region funding initiatives within the Circular BioEconomy

T. Tedeschi

Recovering proteins from legumes by-products

A. Celli

From agro-industrial by-products to sustainable bio-composites for packaging


G. Tsatsos

Upcycled raw materials from agro-industrial side streams in cosmetics

C. De Sio

Turning tomato by-products challenges into new food packaging business

F. Montalti

The role of Italian and European cooperatives in Circular Economy

J. Tchoumtchoua

A green extraction process to recover phenolic components from coffee side streams

N. Simoncini

Enhancing meat products with active ingredients from agro-industrial side-streams

R. Prati

Recycling and circular valorization in the viticulture value chain

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