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R&D partner
Role in the project

  • Scientific Coordinator

  • alternative bio-based polymers

  • encapsulation of active compounds in polymeric matrices

  • activity testing

University of Bologna

UNIBO has a considerable experience in managing EU-funded projects. Referring to JTI-BBI actions, UniBO is BBI-Associated member and participating to 3 projects as partner. In H2020-SC2 Food & Bioeconomy area, to date Unibo has been successful in more than 20 proposals, coordinating 3 of them. UNIBO also participated in FP7 with more than 230 funded projects in different specific programs (acting as coordinator in 47 of these).


The Plant and Algae Biology and Biotechnology Unit of the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences (BIGEA) offers wide expertise in the characterization (metabolomics, proteomics, mass-spectrometry and biological activity assays) and in the isolation of biomolecules from the plant bio-wastes/by-products. The Polymer Science Unit, belonging to the Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering (DICAM), is expert in production of bio-based polymers and advanced materials, such as nanocomposites, for packaging, coating, biomedical applications.

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