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Large entreprise
Development of packaging prototypes
Role in the project

  • testing of extracts and development of rigid packaging

  • market assessment and commercial exploitation of results

Femto Engineering

Femto is a mechanical engineering and manufacturing company able to product design, prototyping, engineering, production equipment design and construction and techno-polymer component production requirements. Femto furnishes a global engineering service, providing support from the initial development phases of a new product up to complete industrialisation. With Femto, companies requiring technical and technological operating support can study a new product from the initial aesthetic/functional design phase, simulate its manufacturing processes, construct prototypes (rapid prototyping), production equipment and produce this in complete continuous and univocal partnership, without fragmentation and with fully coherent methods of operation, all to the advantage of development times and the substantial quality of products for a wide range of application sectors.

Femto cooperates with a number of leading manufacturing companies operating in market sectors such as: automotive, transport, household appliances, electro-tools, biomedical, electro-medical, marine, telecommunications, sports equipment, and consumer goods in general. Femto also cooperate with several Univeristies and research institutions, in particualr with University of Pisa. Investing more than 10% of annual turnover in R&D, Femto furnishes not only technical expertise but also innovative machinery and technologies using software and hardware systems able to machine and manage all types of materials with up to concurrent 5-axis controls.

Femto’s team has specific expertise in the plastic materials, metalwork construction and composite materials sectors, always based on experience acquired through studies of strictly technical, precision parts and projects in forefront technical environments. Since 2008, Femto has developed an important specialization in the production and use of bio-based polymers for a lot of different applications.

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