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Science was (truly) Wonderful! 2020

The Science is Wonderful! 2020, the online science exhibition is officially over. Or is it?

As you may know, last week, between 22 - 24 September 2020, the European Research & Innovation Days policy conference took place. But this year the event came with a twist!

The virtual organization of Science is Wonderful! 2020. An online exhibition that showcased the 40 most promising EU-funded research and innovation projects that are currently undergoing implementation. Projects that are making deep impact in our everyday lives such as, slowing down global warming, improving our cities, preventing hunger and drought, fighting cancer and of course repurposing food waste!

YES! PROLIFIC had the great honor of being a part of this event and have our very own booth, where visitors from all around Europe and the world, come and talk with the team and learn more about the project.

More than 10.000 people have participated in this year's Science is Wonderful! event.

From our side, the team has managed to prepare 2 videos. One of them is a generic overview of the project and it's objectives, while the other was an explanatory video that was shot in the laboratory of the University of Bologna, which showcased how antimicrobial properties can be added in a food packaging wrap.

Below you can see some photos/screenshots of the PROLIFIC Booth as well as the participants.

An external view of the PROLIFIC Booth view.

As can be seen from the photos, a lot of people were interested in our endeavor and approached the booth in order to talk to us, see the produced videos and also see our showcased products!

You can still visit our booth!

If you missed it, fear not! The Science is Wonderful! 2020's door are still open until the end of October! Everybody can register an account and will be able to visit the whole virtual expo.

You can register an account and visit the expo here: The whole experience is like a video game!

The PROLIFIC booth can be found in Pavilion 3, Booth #45.

The whole PROLIFIC consortium would like to wholeheartedly thank the European Commission for choosing us to participate and showcase our efforts, trying to minimize the footprint of food waste, by trying to reuse agro-industrial residues in order to repurpose them, in other industrial applications.


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