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Provider of fungi feedstock
Role in the project

  • provision of different mushroom varieties

  • assessment of new exploitation routes


Pleurette is a startup that upcycles residues into mushrooms. They collect coffee grounds for oyster mushroom kits ready to grow at home. In addition to that they grow fresh mushrooms in recycled shipping containers and offer a gourmet assortiment of organic mushrooms. To face lots of ecological challenges, like pollution, waste production or over consumption of meat, Pleurette developed Valofungi projects in H2020 Call Katana Project with an NL consortium partner:

  1. Brewery spent grains / Coffee waste turned into substrate to produce healthy delicious mushrooms

  2. Enrich mushrooms with Vitamin D = functional food

  3. Use the waste of (oyster) the mushroom cultivation industry in Europe to produce vegan and gluten free products to replace meat (Vegan Organic gluten-free bolognaise sauce, Vegan steak)

  4. Find added value in biobased residues (waste) working on these topics with universities and research center

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