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Development of food prototypes
Role in the project

  • production of cereal-based prototypes, e.g. high-protein breadco

  • commercialisation of final products

Stolzenberger Bakery

STOLZENBERGER BAKERY is a modern German bakery, which from its foundation until now always tried to combine the classic and the modern. It was a successful approach, which may be easily measured by the thousands of daily customers who come to the stores each day looking for fresh bakery products. The product scale is large enough to become a complete offer for all generations and preferences.


At Stolzenberger Bäckerei someone could find the whole scale of traditional German bread and fine confectionery products, but also the trendiest cakes and confectionery products, which are produced with the most modern German technology. Stolzenberger Bäckerei holds an important catering service with personalised approach to all segments of its customers, handling flexibly the special demands of specific groups


 The bakery is present on a contractual basis at major events organized by the South-west German prefectures and other authorities, Main markets consist of the own store chain consisting of three modern stores and a dozen of mobile bakery stores, being also main supplier for the supermarket chains. The market chain develops everyday by contracting more and more partners, especially public institutions, groceries, supermarkets. Stolzenberger Bakery is a cradle where the traditional bread manufacturing is harmoniously combined with the most modern technologies, which are the solid basis for our future expansion

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