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New product! Bread made with peas and chickpeas proteins

The proteins contained in the baked goods have been extracted following environmentally sustainable aspects, and the concentration reached a high protein percentage of 69% in both cases.

The protein concentrates have been carefully used for further processing, in order to maintain their nutritional qualities. The basic technological procedures have included mixing the proteins with other bulk ingredients during dough-preparation, The basic flour ingredients were comprising organic spelt and emmer (ancient wheat) flour mixtures in case of small baked goods and spelt flour for the bread, respectively.

Both product categories have been using sourdough technology, meaning a natural fermentation of the dough with starting natural yeast cultures. All other ingredients used were also of organic origin. In order to increase the acceptability of these innovative products, other protein-rich seeds have been added (chia, linseed), enhancing also the rustical appearance of the PROLIFIC baked goods.

Below you can find some photos of the product.


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