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  • development of ultrasound assisted extraction methods

IRIS Technology

IRIS is an advanced engineering company specialised in process monitoring and control, and process optimisation.

Our Commercial Division develops and integrates turnkey advanced process monitoring and control solutions based on: NIR chemical monitoring (handheld device and in-line solutions); hyperspectral imaging solutions for foreign body detection and chemical composition analysis; data management solutions for data processing, decision support, automation and data analysis (big production data). Our ambition is to be the first choice for industry who want to transition their product models to the Industry4.0 paradigm, whereby real-time access to data about critical process parameters and product quality attributes can contribute to improved quality, and process efficiencies.


Our Innovation Division has four core research lines that we are actively persuing as part of our Innovation Roadmap for generating new knowledge and IPRs that we can channel into new products, services and solutions for our Commercial Division in the future:

  1. Optical and spectroscopic technologies for process monitoring for in/on-line and PAT applications in food, pharmaceuticals, the process industries, environmental monitoring and other applications

  2. Data Processing & Information Systems

  3. Novel processing technologies (ultrasound, plasma, microwave…) for extraction process intensification

  4. Sustainable processing technologies: waste valorisation strategies, biocompounds and biopackaging and new bio-based materials for the Circular Economy


The company was established in 2007 and currently employs 50+ staff with a turnover of > €4 M. We are based over two sites (Barcelona and Dublin) and we are fully equipped with our engineering and production workshops, food testing and wet chemistry laboratory, optics labs, and an electronics/telecommunications lab.

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