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PROLIFIC participated in EFFoST 2021

The 35th EFFoST International Conference 2021, which was held in person at the Swiss Tech Convention Center in Lausanne on 1-4 November 2021 hosted a very rich and diversified program consisting of 11 plenary conferences, 3 round tables, over 120 oral contributions in 23 parallel sessions and over 350 posters, along the most relevant topics in food science and technology (e.g. advancing Science for Shifting Consumer Trends, Shaping Solid and Flexible Supply Chain & Manufacturing Setups, Engineering Affordable and Sustainable Nutrition Solutions).

Prolific has the opportunity to present some results of the project in a dedicated session called “BBI Special Session I: Bio-Based Ingredients: scientific research updates INGREEN, PROLIFIC and NEWPACK” attended by about 60 people. PROLIFIC partner SSICA showed its result on some bioactive compounds from coffee and fungi side-streams as effective ingredients in meat products.

The talk “BIOACTIVE COMPOUNDS FROM COFFEE AND FUNGI SIDE-STREAMS AS EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS IN MEAT PRODUCTS”, highlighted how the use of these extracts with specific antioxidant properties for meat products may be an important solution to counteract the scientifically recognized problems related to red meat and meat products consumption, starting from the oxidation phenomena up to the onset of some pathologies (e.g. colorectal cancer).

After introducing the aim of the PROLIFIC project and briefly describing the polyphenol extraction methods, the first application was presented that adds a polyphenol-rich extract from the side streams of coffee into burgers. Preliminary results have shown promise. Therefore, the discussion focused on the different aspects that we have to consider when using these plant extracts in meat products, both the microbial population in particular for fermented meat products and the preservation of the sensory properties of these new fortified meat products.

The second PROLIFIC presentation titled "Agro-industrial side-streams as alternative sources of proteins and development of food prototypes", highlighted some of the food prototypes that are being developed in PROLIFIC, with extracts from agro-industrial side-streams of fungi, coffee and legume residues.

The latter also include chickpea and pea, from which proteins were extracted using direct aqueous extraction (EFAE), without the need for any pretreatment of the raw materials. With this method, products with a protein content > 65 % could be yielded, while the integrity of the proteins was highly preserved.

Some of the prototypes in this project are either directly generated by extrusion or at least contain substances that have been extruded. In extrusion, material is continuously pressed out the die under high pressures. Within the extruder, one or two screws rotate and thereby convey the material from the filler to the die. By combining different screw elements, kneading, shearing and crosslinking of the material is achieved. Depending on the temperatures used, one can distinguish between hot and cold extrusion. In cold extrusion, temperatures up to 60 °C are used for the production of pasta. In hot extrusion, temperatures up to 200 °C are applied for the production of cereals and snacks.

Several bakery products have been already developed, including the high-protein spelt bread (based on pea-chickpea proteins), small baked goods high protein emmer-spelt (enriched with chickpea protein) as well as high protein breads based on wheat-spelt and wheat-rye mixtures, enriched with chickpea protein.

Beside the breads, the following prototypes have been produced so far with pea and also with chickpea protein extract: protein enriched noodles and mini-flakes, vegan burger patties as well as breakfast cereals enriched with polyphenols extracted from defatted coffee green beans.

The following food prototypes are planned, but have not been made yet: high Protein pasta with chitosan and also with beta-glucan, mini-flakes with caffeine and also instant soups or drinks made from fungi residues.


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