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PROLIFIC results at ICEEM11

PROLIFIC used the International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management (ICEEM11) as platform to showcase the project results in the context of circular bio-economy.

In a dedicated session, we exemplified the valorisation routes for agro-industrial side-streams. The talks highlighted extraction methods for proteins and polyphenols and their eventual use in food products or cosmetics application. Remaining fibres were shown to be suitable fillers in polymeric composite materials for packaging production. Such complete utilisation of residues is an important component in the environmental impact, as the talk on life cycle aspects highlighted.

The conference was hosted by FHNW on 8-10 September 2021 on their campus in Muttenz, Switzerland. It took place in hybrid mode with one third of the participants being present in person.


Valorising agro-industrial sidestreams – findings from the PROLIFIC project

1. Tassonini, Hochstrat & Corvini, “Cascading processes to extractand valorise proteins and bioactive molecules from Legumes, Fungi and Coffee agro-industrial side streams - THE PROLIFIC project”

2. Tedeschi et al. “Legume Agro-industrial side-streams as alternative sources of proteins”

3. Tchoumtchoua et al. “Extraction and Characterisation of Bioactive Ingredients from Coffee and Fungi Side-streams”

4. Vanni et al. Valorisation of Agro-industrial Residues in Biocomposites

5. Schaller et al. “Development of food prototypes using proteins derived from agro-industrial sidestreams”

6. Oertle and Dietziker. “Combination of Life Cycle Assessment and Economic Analysis at Early-stage development of bio-based products”


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