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Antimicrobial activity of PROLIFIC extracts

Alternatives for preservatives in cosmetics or antibiotics in animal feed are vitally needed. In screening the various extracts obtained from coffee, fungi and legumes feedstock, PROLIFIC has recently identified some potent candidates.

Partner Nutrition Sciences is looking for new functional feed ingredients in animal livestock production. They found peptides derived from chickpea proteins effective against Streptococcus suis, a relevant pathogenic bacterium for pigs. In lab-test-mixtures of feed and extract the propagation of this strain could be reduced by 75%.

Also the chitosan containing fraction extracted from oyster mushroom proved good antimicrobial activity. Partner Cosmetic could show the growth inhibitory effect against microbes regularly used in challenge tests. The effect was pH dependent but in the same range as commercial chemical and plant-based preservatives used in cosmetic applications.

With the up-scaled production of the promising extracts more tests we are confident to confirm these findings and further develop improved formulations.


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